Analytical Balance

Analytical Balance

“Analytical Balance” 

Tuning-Fork technologies add new value for Analytical Balances high-precision, super durable force sensor, having Tuning Fork Sensor technology.

The Tuning-Fork Sensor measures force or mass by gauging changes in oscillation frequency when a load is applied to a long, narrow vibrator. The reading output is digital. Unlike load cell or electromagnetic systems, the Tuning- Fork Sensor does not rely on material distortion, electromagnetic force, heavy power consumption, or A/D converters. As a result, the inherent margin of error is extremely small, and high precision can be maintained for a long time. For more technical detail please write to us.

Compact and Safe

Simple, durable and unique structure.

Plug and Perform

Warm up time is reduced by 90% approx.

Energy Saver

Power consumption is cut by 60% approx.

Reliable Result

Stable measurement is obtained in the long term.




Under Up-gradation.