GPS Clock

GPS Clock

Time and timing are of high significance in achieving high productivity and working efficiency in any Segment.  It is extremely important for all Industries to have unique, accurate and common reference of time across all functional processes within the facility.

The logic behind the GPS Clock is “GPS Sync. Time Right Time Every Time” this is ideal for Education, Industries, Malls, Offices, Auditoriums, Private Institutions, Government Organization/ Education Department etc. The clocks display uniform accurate atomic time, all the time.

 Why synchronized timing?

  • Can support the management in adopting an error free system in all the time bound activities.
  • Creates a common reference of time for the entire workforce.
  • With synchronized time display, various stages in the processing can be monitored error free.
  • Ensures precise time measurements in all the processes carried out in different locations, within the campus.

GPS Synchronized Clock Salient Value…

 Bright display, with density compensation for day / night operation.

  • Error message on GPS signal disruption.
  • Simple plug & play wireless Installation, zero maintenance round the clock working on AC Power.
  • Choice of 3 color display.
  • Display sizes ranging from 20mm ~200 mm
  • Choice of housing for use in extreme operating conditions.
  • Operation un-affected by temperature & other transients.

For more technical detail please write to us.

Time is the scarcest resource and unless it is managed, nothing else can be managed”.

– Peter Drucker


GPS Synchronized Clock Key Attributes…


  • Accurate time
  • Uniform GPS Synchronized Time, utilizing signals on the Free-Bandwidth spectrum.
  • Simple, Intuitive LED display for enhanced readability even from a distance No manual setting of time.
  • Can be connected to the bell system.
  • Simple plug & play wireless Installation.
  • Zero maintenance, round the clock working on AC Power.
  • Latest GPS technology.
  • Automatic refresh, ensuring accuracy.
  • Intelligent Micro-Controller based system.
  • Radio frequency communication between Master & Clock
  • We can have either 12 hour format(with PM indicator)  or 24 hour format.
  • GPS satellite synchronized time with no need of manual setting/adjustment
  • Choice of mounting options such as table-top and wall-mount
  • 32 time-zones and automatic day-light savings adjustment
  • Power requirement 3w @230V/50 Hz to 30 w @230V/50 Hz maximum depends upon clock model to model.